3D Live Books – Talking Pen with 4 Books for $160

3D Live Books

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Coupon: Talking Pen with 4 Books for $160

* Includes taxes and shipping. Books included: Jesus Birth, John, Jeremiah, Daniel. Valid for one set of books per order. TING pen may be used for over 40 other titles with TING company. Not to be combined with any other offer or promotion.

3D Live Books

At 3D Live Books, we offer books that are developed to help your child with ingenuity and thinking. Our 3D coloring books come alive before your eyes using a FREE 3D app for iTunes or play store and your phone.

Our talking pen with 4 books teaches your child about Christianity in a fun and interactive way. These books are not only interesting but useful with each book containing characters that have a great message for children. The TING pen that comes with the four books is also usable with over 40 other books available through TING.

Give your kid a different kind of gift that will encourage them to learn because it’s FUN!