Advanced Healthcare Associates – 50% off 10 BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy sessions

Advanced Healthcare Associates

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Coupon: 50% off 10 BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy sessions

* Valid for 10 visits only. One coupon per person. Call to book your first session and mention coupon at time of booking. Not to be combined with any other offer or promotion.

Advanced Healthcare Associates

Advanced Healthcare Associates is your one stop center for all your health and wellness needs.

We offer multiple doctors and services including Medical Physicians, Chiropractic Physicians, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, and Nutritional Counseling for weight loss to provide complete health and wellness care to residents of Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Naperville and all of Dupage County.

BEMER physical vascular therapy improves microcirculation and stimulates the blood flow in your body’s smallest blood vessels. This process improves the performance of the body’s cells, which in turn jump-starts the body’s own self-healing powers. In addition to boosting blood flow, BEMER technology benefits the body’s cardiac system, regenerative abilities, and even mental sharpness. All of this can be achieved in just 8-20 minute treatment sessions.

When utilized regularly, physical vascular therapy helps improve chronic health conditions, such as arthritis, and supports the body’s own self-healing mechanisms. Physical vascular therapy can be used for numerous treatments, and professional sports teams and Olympic athletes around the world have already been utilizing BEMER technology as a part of their daily workout regimen for years.