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Stem Cell Therapy

Coupon: 20% off Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy session

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Alamo City Stem Cell

Alamo City Stem Cell located in San Antonio, Texas utilizes regenerative options to help our patients attain their wellness goals and achieve a higher quality of life.

If you have damage to a ligament or chronic pain to a specific area of your body, regenerative therapy can help. It is the best non-invasive regenerative therapy available and a groundbreaking advancement in the medical field.

Amniotic injections cause minimal pain and are a completely non-invasive alternative to surgery in dealing with joint degeneration. Often the procedure is merely one injection, however, some patients may require multiple injections. Joint degeneration involves the breakdown of cartilage. Injection involving growth factors, proteins, amino acids, a matrix of collagen (a collective tissue found in the body), hyaluronic acid, and stem cells aid in the repair of a joint. Together these cells create the scaffolding necessary to repair and build new cells. Additionally, the combination of cells is capable of accelerating the body’s healing potential and repairing broken down tissues.

Don’t risk the long, arduous, and dangerous road of surgery. Try regenerative stem cell therapy and start feeling better!