All You Can Eat Yoga – $15 to try your first (2 for 1) 60 minute yoga class

All You Can Eat Yoga
By appointment on Location or Available to travel to wherever you are!
315 Cariganna Lane
Manitou Beach, SK

S0K 4T1

T/F: (306) 946-2281
Txt: (780) 909-9355

Type of Business: Yoga as Therapy; Prosperity Training for Singles or Couples only

Coupon: $15, 2 for 1 on first 60 minute Yoga class


Rejuvenate and energize your mind, body and soul at Our Petite Be Well studio for YOGA, now offered at Danceland in Manitou. The instructor is trained in 5000 ancient year old traditions from her Indian Yogi Master. 8 Patanjali’s Sutras are practiced and there is room for Every-body! Participants are: Seniors, Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Couples of all ages, shapes and sizes. Prosperity training is also available by appointment for Singles and Couples only (or groups of 2) in Our studio, at Your Office, or in the home. Hatha, Raja, Nada and Shivannanda Yogic flow principles deepen the spirit of Self. Empowering breathing techniques (prana or pranayama), challenging cardio-core poses (assanas) that enhance the mind while invoking body wisdom are what clients say in practice with Yogini Meditation Master, Tamra.