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American Escape Rooms

2121 West Tennessee Street,
Suite 7-8
Tallahassee, FL

Phone: (850) 391-9472

Type of Business:
Escape Room

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American Escape Rooms

American Escape Rooms
American Escape Rooms is a new, exciting, fun and entertaining LIVE ESCAPE ROOM GAME in the city of Tallahassee which offers very special and unique experience for groups of friends and family from 2 to 32 people. The goal is simple yet challenging: To escape from the room in 60 minutes or less.

This new intellectual challenge, is a journey through the puzzles in a mysterious world and a truly thrilling race against time. You can only win if you work together. One Team, One Hour, One Mission!

Our Games:

Zombie Apocalypse: A deadly virus threatens to re-write DNA, the very code of our existence, and alter humanity forever. Find the cure and stop the Zombie Apocalypse from becoming a reality. Groups have an hour to save mankind. Players: 1–8;

Cold War Crisis: It’s October 27, 1962, the Cold War’s temperature is at its boiling point and about to go nuclear. Groups must infiltrate an enemy base and diffuse a nuclear bomb planted by a rogue agent before civilization as we know it becomes a curious afterthought for future Earth pioneers, destroyed by nuclear armageddon. Players: 1–8;

The Mad Professor’s Asylum: Everyone’s worst nightmare has just happened: discovering they are trapped in a sadistic professor’s lab of pure evil and darkness. Teams will have to face their deepest fears and mentally out-duel this madman to escape his horror show while retaining whatever fragments of their humanity they can. This challenge will definitely cause an adrenaline rush, and is not for the faint of heart. Players: 1–8;

Mind-Boggling: The human mind is a chaotic and frightening place if not tended to. Those trapped in this room will find themselves questioning their sanity as they are confronted with left- and right-brain puzzles and riddles teetering on the edges of reason. The only way out of this maze of absurdities is to cling to each other and work as a unit. Players: 1–6;