Anarres Apothecary – 50% off 2 Hour DIY Workshops

Anarres Apothecary
1076 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON

M6H 1M6

(647) 827-6968

Type of Business:
Healthy bodycare, DIY workshops, DIY supplies

50% off 2 Hour DIY Workshops

*Valid on regular priced workshops only. Valid for new clients only

Anarres Apothecary

Anarres Apothecary offers:

~ FREE talks, workshops and home parties focused on healthy non toxic body care, contraception and sexual play.

~ Apprenticeships, Professional and Pedestrian Training and Workshops creating ethical, healthy body care products and businesses.

~ Consultation: body care product development, environmentally and human rights friendly packaging, and non toxic living.

~ Hypnotherapy for Health: relaxing, client centred, creative experiences, highlighted by self discovery with people who are on a healing path to wholeness.

Anarres Apothercary offers products by mail order and local pick up at Karma Food Coop (Annex) and Good Catch General Store (Parkdale):

~ Stefani Water Crocks and parts: hand made terra cotta crocks that dechlorinate, sterilize and purify water using ceramic micropore, colloidal silver and activated charcoal using a simple easy to assemble and maintain gravity design.

~ Alternatives To Plastics: packaging, food and housewares made from non toxic, ethically sourced materials such as glass, metals, papers and clays.

~ Body and Skin Care Products that are hand made in small batches from wholesome, local and fairly traded botanical ingredients. Environmentally friendly glass and metal packaging is refillable and refundable. Start looking here:

~ Family Planning products that are non hormonal and do not disrupt hormones, made from medical grade silicone, metal and glass.

~ DIY Botanical Ingredients supplies for people who make healthy, ethical bodycare including hundreds of essential oils, butters, carrier oils, minerals, waxes and extracts – from salts to sodas.