Brain Awakening – 2 Hour Brainwave Optimization Evaluation for $99

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Brainwave Optimization

2 Hour Brainwave Optimization Evaluation for $99

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Brain Awakening

At Brain Awakening we utilize a modality called Brainwave Optimization®. Brainwave Optimization is a computer-guided way to help you to achieve a uniquely deep state of relaxation, through the power of your own brain. A deeply relaxed brain may support a variety of goals for well-being, recovery, or performance optimization.

Brainwave Optimization acts as a catalyst to support the brain to optimize itself – to move itself naturally in its own way, its own time and on its own terms. Brainwave Optimization facilitates the brain to adjust its own brainwave activity, in order to balance and optimize itself.

Brainwave Optimization facilitates your brain to help itself release “stuck” brainwave activity allowing the brain to function better and do what it is designed to do- to assist the body in healing itself.

At Brain Awakening the answer to tackling daily troubles, stresses, and other issues just might lie in balancing your brain. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients in our clinics and are thrilled to announce that the majority of our clients report improvement in their goal areas after completing their program. We work with non-invasive, effective, proven technology and we are devoted to helping you achieve your goals. We love what we do and we’d love to help you achieve improved health and wellness. If you’re struggling with PTSD, ADD/ADHD, or concussion symptoms including depression, anxiety, difficulty focusing, sleep issues, irritability and lack of motivation, you might find our Brainwave Optimization Program of value. If you are suffering with chronic or acute pain, hormonal issues, dietary concerns or just want to achieve overall well being, we offer services that may help you or your loved ones. We also love to work with people who simply want to become even better. Many executives and elite athletes also find our programs help them become even better when they commit to ongoing brain fitness. At Brain Awakening, we are passionate about helping you take charge of your health and becoming your best self.

Glenna Reid is the owner of Brain Awakening and has been a practitioner of Brainwave Optimization for eight years. She is passionate about making a direct and meaningful impact on people’s lives. Now through her company she is doing work she loves, assisting her clients to live their best lives. The positive feedback from clients lets her know that she truly is having a meaningful impact.