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Cutting Edge Martial Arts
215 Haggerty Lane
Bozeman, MT


(406) 570-1844

Type of Business:
Martial Arts

50% off two month trial with uniform

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Cutting Edge Martial Arts

Cutting Edge Martial Arts offers a wide variety of martial arts in one location. While kids classes focus primarily on WTF Taekwondo, adults and high-ranking kids can take advantage of additional Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu, and Aikijujutsu classes.

Kids classes focus on self-discipline, focus, conditioning, sport Taekwondo and general self-defense technique. Parents of kids with issues related to bullying, self-control, focus, lack of self confidence, and similar issues find our classes to be of extra benefit.

Adult classes – with noon and evening classes for your convenience – focus on a huge variety of whole-body workouts designed for useful strength and flexibility, injury prevention, and core strength. Workouts are followed by martial arts practice that is largely Taekwondo-based, but includes elements of Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Tai Chi, Aikido, and an array of other martial arts.

The first class is free, try it any time!