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Coupon: Pumpkin Spice Deep Cleansing Facial for $39.99 OR Diamond Eye Treatment for $49.99

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At DermNurse located in Calgary, Alberta, we provide medical aesthetic services to help you always feel beautiful with healthy skin no matter what your skin type is. Whether your dealing with acne, rosacea, large pore size, hyperpigmentation, lax skin, wrinkles, sun damage, milia, scarring, or just a lack of luster, our skin experts can offer a solution that fits your lifestyle and budget.

We offer a wide variety of services including; facials, eye treatments, acne treatments, laser hair removal, skin tightening treatments, cosmetic injections including Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, dermal fillers and more. Your free consultation with us can help determine which of our services is best suited for your needs so we can help you look younger, and feel beautiful from the inside...out.

Diamond Eye Treatment
This painless 10 minute treatment is focused under your eyes to build collagen, soften lines, reduce dark circles and tighten skin. We recommend at least six treatments spaced at least one week apart for best results. Your body continues to build collagen in response to this treatment up to 9 months later.

Customer Testimonial
One of the reasons I do cosmetic enhancements is so I can look as young as I feel. If I appear refreshed I feel refreshed. Along with regular exercise, adequate sleep, and good nutrition Cosmetic procedures are apart of my self care routine.
One area that has been challenging to fix without surgery, are my under eye bags. I tried Thermage in the past, which was really expensive and painful, and had experienced no result.

When DermNurse told me about a new technology they have to tighten this area effectively in 10 minutes treatment sessions, offering little to no downtime or pain, I was skeptical. However, the cost was very reasonable so I decided to take the risk.
After treatment two and three I noticed my skin felt and appeared tighter, my dark circles appeared lighter, and my eyes looked bigger and brighter. My friends began to notice. Now that I am done my 6 treatments spaced 1 week apart, not only are my bags gone but collagen will continue to build for 9 more months!
I find these results comparable to injectable cosmetic effectiveness but without the pokes, bruising, risk, and cost.

I give five stars and a check mark for DermNurse and their Diamond eye treatment!

Molly-Calgary Alberta