DipSmart LLC – 25% off Plasti Dip for Four Tire Rims

DipSmart LLC

121 Annandale High Bridge Road
Annandale, NJ

Phone: (908) 315-5100

Type of Business:
Automotive Customization

Coupon: 25% off Plasti Dip for Four Tire Rims

* Valid for rims under 18″. Call to book your appointment and mention coupon at time of booking. Not to be combined with any other offer or promotion.

DipSmart LLC

Located in Annandale, NJ, DipSmart LLC is a full service automotive customization shop that specializes in Plasti Dip. Plasti dip is a wrap that helps protect your car and customizes its look by being sprayed on any part of the car including rims, trim, emblems or the entire car. Plasti Dip is offered in any color and at a very affordable price.

Offering professional results, our company is the only authorized installer in the area offering its services in New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.