Enchanted Escape Room – 50% off admission ticket

Enchanted Escape Room

8300 Tampa Avenue
Northridge, CA

Phone: (818) 855-9951

Type of Business:
Escape Room

Coupon: 50% off admission ticket

* Valid on Sundays only for the month of February 2020. Valid at the LA location only. Click HERE to purchase your ticket and use Coupon Code: BLKHISTORY at checkout to receive discount. Not to be combined with any other offer or promotion.

Enchanted Escape Room

An escape room is a live adventure game in which players must use their wits and teamwork to find clues and decipher a series of puzzles in order to escape from the room and to complete a mission. Enchanted Escape is great for team building, date night, or the whole family!

You have one hour to find all the clues and solve a series of puzzles that will lead you to your escape. The game master will provide you with hints after 20 minutes of start time if needed. Everything you need will be inside of the room. No outside knowledge needed. You will have to communicate and collaborate with your team to escape within the set time limit. Be creative, think outside of the box, and have fun!