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Escape Rooms PHX

322 East Brown Road, Suite 101
Mesa, AZ

Phone: (480) 392-8547

Type of Business:
Escape Room

Coupon: 20% off escape room admission

* Regular price for adults is $28 and $25 for children. Click HERE
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Escape Rooms PHX

At Escape Rooms PHX, located in Mesa, Arizona, we offer unique themed games and fun for you to engage. The game rooms range from 1 hour to 1.5 hours duration.

The Mad Clockmaker’s GoldThe Elder Graham’s have hired you and your fellow gang of thieves to find the mad Clockmaker’s gold. Your reward? If you can push through every weird clue and open every aggravating lock, you’ll find the gold.

The Vampyre Hunter’s WorkshopThe Count commands that you and your thugs break into the Vampyre Hunter’s workshop and gather up everything used to hunt his friends. Do that, and he’ll leave your families alone. BE AWARE: the Vampyre Hunter will be back in an hour, so you haven’t much time.

Who Killed the Sheriff?One of you is guilty and must be hanged, but which one of you is it? The Gambler? The Town Drunk? The woman who runs the local saloon? Is it a crazy former Carmelite nun?

There’s evidence enough to convict any one of you, but there’s also evidence exonerating all but one. If you don’t want your neck stretched, then you better stretch your imagination and find those clues. By the way, play nice or the acting Sheriff will put you in jail.

Cage 2 RageWe’re opening what may be Arizona’s first Rage Room! Ever want to smash everything? Well, now you get the chance. Come in and take out your rage, your vengeance, your innate desire to destroy. Take a ball bat, a golf club, tennis racket or pipe to smack down innocent little chatchkies, annoying Christmas decorations, glittery glassware. Smash porcelain plates, Crunch a defunct printer, dvd player, some speakers, whatever. You can even bring those little personals your ex-left behind and obliterate them while smiling.

The Cage 2 Rage room offers mad fun for 1 to 4 individuals. Duration: up to 45 minutes of rioting. (see for more details.)