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Escape Story

4745 Main Street, Suite 201
Lisle, IL

Phone: (630) 800-5110

Type of Business:
Escape Room

Coupon: 10% off admission ticket

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Escape Story

What does it take to escape from the rooms in Escape Story? With just 60 minutes to complete your tasks, teamwork and a keen detective’s mind will be key. Inside the two rooms, groups of 2 to 6 attempt to work together to solve the puzzle and escape.

Read on to learn more about each room:

• Sherlock Holmes: While enjoying a spot of tea, the phone rings. It’s Scotland Yard, letting you know that the eccentric painter Lord Byron has vanished. But there’s a twist: Lord Byron left behind a will that benefits a distant cousin, but a close nephew insists that the will has been forged. You must use your renowned reasoning and investigative skills to locate the original will before time runs out.

• Area 51: You and your team trapped are in a cell. You don’t know quite how you got there, but you do know you entered the infamous Area 51 in search of clues about extra-terrestrial life. But to complete that mission and discover the truth, you must first break out of the cell. Can you do it before it’s too late?