Fitness Kickboxing America (MAAA) – 5 kickboxing classes for $16 or 10 kickboxing classes for $26

Fitness Kickboxing America (MAAA)
Available at various locations
across the US – check website for location

(305) 307-5411

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5 kickboxing classes for $16 or 10 kickboxing classes for $26

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Fitness Kickboxing America

At Fitness Kickboxing America, our classes are group fitness kickboxing classes taught by highly trained instructors that pride themselves in teaching and encouraging all those who are taking classes. You’ll have the benefit of training like a real competitive kickboxer without the contact. You will be punching and kicking punching bags, focus mitts and kicking shields. Our curriculum also concentrates on cardiovascular strength, conditioning and balance training designed to burn up to 800 calories per class and to tone and chisel your body. It’s the best and most exciting cardiovascular and toning workout you will ever experience!