Galaxy Fun Park – $35 Unlimited Attractions Pass for $30

Galaxy Fun Park

14460 Falls of Neuse
Raleigh, NC

Phone: (919) 584-4000

Type of Business:
Family Entertainment Center

Coupon: $35 Unlimited Attractions Pass for $30

* One coupon per family per visit. No separate transactions. Not to be combined with other discounts. MUST PRINT COUPON TO REDEEM. Expires December 31, 2021


Galaxy Fun Park is the largest indoor Family Fun Center in Raleigh with over 60,000 square feet of attractions!

The Jump Zone at Galaxy Fun Park is where Earthlings go to do everything but stand on the ground! Our trampoline park is a whopping 10,000 square feet of bounce-around-madness! The Jump Zone also offers bag jump, dunk zone, and dodgeball courts. Parents will also be happy to know that we have a dedicated area for younger children that allows them to join in the fun!

Can you think of anything better than racing your friends and family on the Galaxy Speedway? We can’t! Whether you’re taking the inside corners or just laughing with a friend, you’re sure to have a blast that’ll keep you smiling long after you’ve won the race! Our Galaxy Speedway features 16 double Go-Karts with an incredible 15,000 square feet of track that will keep you coming back lap after lap! If you’re not afraid of a little speed then come show us what you’re made of!

When you walk through the bigger than life robot entrance, you realize you are stepping into another world! Galactic Laser Battle is a world full of black lights, Gen7 Lasers, 2-Story Spaceships, and a Home Base to refuel.

In the briefing room, your team develops a solid plan to bring home the victory. You walk up the ramp and all of a sudden a few flashes of a laser go by and a smile spreads across your face. Your enemy has revealed themselves. Without another word, you jump up out of hiding and take down two enemies! They look confused and realize they were set up for a trap. You are the Champion of Galactic Laser Battle!

Our customers are adventurous and the Spacewalk Ropes Course gives them exactly what they need. There are no simple pathways here. Pitched high above the ground at almost 2-stories, you’ll find 8 different event stations and new confidence with every turn. When it’s all said and done, you’ll love zipping down the SkyRail and the feeling of accomplishment that you did it! Think you have what it takes to navigate our amazing rope course? Prove it!

What goes forward, backwards and spins 360-degrees? Orbital Spin Zone at Galaxy Fun Park! This isn’t your typical bumper car ride. With Orbital Spin Zone, you have to anticipate where your target will be and think fast because others are trying to target you! Bring your friends and family for a great time of bumper car madness and take bumper cars to the next level today!

The Mission Control Station is a maze of wonderment and hours of fun for astronauts in training that are 54″ inches or under. Watch your kids have fun in a safe environment while they climb 4 levels filled with aliens, spaceships, space tubes, then slide back down to Earth!

“Mom/Dad, we had so much fun at Galaxy Fun Park Camp today!” That is what we want every parent to hear when your kids are picked up from our Track Out Camp! Not only do we want your kids to have fun but we want you to know that we are going to provide a safe and encouraging environment for them.

You can’t have a better birthday party anywhere else! We have it all at Galaxy Fun Park! Themed Private Rooms, Guest Robots, Black Lights, Awesome Hosts, and the best attractions your children could wish for! Book with us today!