Happy ‘n’ Healthy – 1 Hour Quantum Laser and Biofeedback session for $30

Happy ‘n’ Healthy
323 Mcleod Avenue
Spruce Grove, AB

T7X 3A3

(780) 524-9534
(780) 946-7984

Type of Business:
Natural Health

1 Hour Quantum Laser and Biofeedback session for $30

*One coupon per person. Regular price is $60

Happy 'n' Healthy

As the owner of Happy ‘n’ Healthy, I am a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, helping people to find better health and happiness. Each person is looked at as an individual and their body as a whole in order to assist them in over coming their health issues whether it is physical, nutritional or emotional. I offer services such as Aqua Chi Footbath, Biofeedback, Nutritional and Weight Management programs, Illness/Injury Recovery, Pain/Stress Releif, Quantum Laser, Aromatic Integrative Renewal (Spinal Reflexology, Chakras and Meridian Balancing) and Reflexology. I use natural methods such as whole foods, quality whole food supplements, thereaputic grade Essential Oils, and Quantum Laser therapy to help my clients make health a habit and not an event.