Human Horse Sensing – $75 for one 60-minute session of horse training

Human Horse Sensing

Rolling Hills Boarding Stables
15529 Sycamore Canyon Road
Poway, CA

Phone: (760) 715-1554

Type of Business:
Horse Training

Coupon: $75 for one 60-minute session of horse training

* Valid for new clients only. Valid for first session only. One coupon per person. Call to book your session and mention coupon at time of booking. Not to be combined with any other offer or promotion.

Human Horse Sensing

Human Horse Sensing
At Human Horse Sensing we offer instruction about horse training, and taking horses in training from starting to competing and retraining. What sets us apart from traditional horsemanship is the confidence and attitude that human and horse assume after working with us.

In addition to our individual horse training session which is is designed to teach the elements of horse training, we also offer a ten session course available onsite and online in both English and Italian.

Our horse training program provides effective communication between human and horse. We have created a language that works
with any individual, human or equine, without the need of training through conditioning, and that is perceived by human and horse through their senses. This method of communication, which requires awareness and knowledge of the concepts common to human and horse, works through a particular and detailed use of space, movement, time, and social values, on the ground and in the saddle. In these terms, horsemanship becomes a dynamic and controllable process that efficiently supports human and horse in the performance of any equestrian discipline.