Inland Real Estate School – In Class or Home Study Broker Pre-License Course for $499 or Online Broker Pre-License Course for $444

Inland Real Estate School
2901 Butterfield Road
Oak Brook, IL


(877) 990-8409

Type of Business:
Real Estate/Mortgage

90 hour in Class or Home Study Broker Pre-License Course for $499 or
75 hour topics online Broker Pre-License for $444

Inland Real Estate School

* Regular price for the 90 hour program is $649. Click here to register. Enter coupon code: 915loonie36 into the “Partnership Code” to receive discount. Coupon code applies only to classroom and home study programs. Online course only includes first 75 hours and does not include the interactive portion of the course. Students must re-register for the interactive portion once they complete the online 75 hour course. Not to be combined with any other offer or promotion. Home study and online programs must be completed within 60 days from date of registration.

Inland Real Estate School, offers the 90 hour Broker Pre-License course that satisfies the State of Illinois requirement for broker licensing. This course is offered in class, home study or online at a great low price!
Each of our instructors have 30+ years of real estate experience individually, and longevity is important to us, so your classroom experience will be enhanced with their knowledge and skills. We are a teaching school, which sets us apart from our competitors! You will not find instructors here instructing dry material, you will have a teacher who knows how to convey information, point out areas to focus on and answer questions thoroughly, so you have the very best chance at starting your new career and standing out with your new found knowledge and real estate skills!

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