Kaia FIT Boise – 60% off BRIK boot-camp sessions or Core workout sessions

Kaia FIT Boise
3415 N Cole Road, Suite 104
Boise, ID


(208) 908-2283

Type of Business:
Fitness & Nutrition for women

60% off BRIK boot-camp sessions or Core workout sessions

* Valid for new members only. Call to book sessions and mention coupon at time of booking

Kaia FIT Boise

Kaia FIT is a fitness and nutrition program for women. Our 6 week, 5 days a week BRIK Boot Camp sessions are offered three times a year. The three key times the BRIK Boot Camp is offered are January (to jump start your year), May (to get ready for bikini season) and September (to keep you on track for the upcoming holiday season). These sessions offer great results in weight loss, body fat loss, increase strength and stamina; they also increase endurance and build confidence. We do physical assessments at the beginning, the midpoint and end to document your outstanding fitness results. Because weight loss is 80 percent nutrition and 20 percent exercise, we offer a nutritional plan with koaching during the BRIK. To help with the nutritional guidance, we offer tools, such as shopping lists, menu planning, and a Kaia Kookbook. We end with a big celebration, including awards.

Our five-week core sessions take place between the more intensive BRIK boot-camp sessions, although both incorporate the same FIT (Functional Intense Training) methodology. Supportive instructors continually change workouts in order to confuse muscles and keep women of all ages and fitness levels engaged. The classes take place indoors, blending cardiovascular training, plyometrics, strength training and yoga.