KoBu Power – Two Defense-Kickboxing Sessions for $19.95

KoBu Power

Classes held at Mahato Karate Association
2616 Philadelphia Pike
Claymont, DE

Phone: (302) 475-8707

Type of Business:
Fitness/Martial Arts

Coupon: Two Defense-Kickboxing Sessions for $19.95

* Valid for new students only. One coupon per person. Must use both sessions within 30 days from date of registration. Call to register and mention coupon at time of booking. Not to be combined with any other offer or promotion.

Kobu Power

Located in Claymont, Delaware, the Mahato Karate Association offers KoBu Power which is resistance-based Samurai cardio-kickboxing moves that sculpt the body and will burn more calories than most kickboxing fitness classes. KoBu’s weighted resistance training will achieve firm and tone muscles and helps to increase metabolism that will promote the shrinkage of fat cells even when not exercising.

KoBu can teach self-defense escape techniques. In order for anyone to survive a fight or flight situation, the body must rely on instinctive reactions that can only be acquired through repetitive motion known as muscle memory. The hidden self-defense escape technique in KoBu Power is called the “bunkai” of the movement. In reality, most of us don’t carry a weapon for protection. KoBu Power trains your body to be the weapon against an attacker.