Kuno Silat – One month unlimited Martial Arts classes for $25

Kuno Silat
10426 Burbank Boulevard
North Hollywood, CA


(818) 431-0331

Type of Business:
Martial Arts

One month unlimited Martial Arts classes for $25

* Regular price is $100. Expires 60 days after purchase. One coupon per person. Call to reserve spot and mention coupon at time of booking. Must be 18 or older. Must sign waiver. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Valid only for new customers or customers who have not been to the facility within the past 3 months

Kuno Silat

Kuno Silat is a traditional Martial Art system from West Java, Indonesia. Forged through a unique heritage and history, Kuno Silat has a its roots in Dutch Indonesian martial culture. Kuno Silat includes sophisticated blocking, striking, balance breaking, functional combative postures, sweeping, throwing, locking, skills. The core of the system is based on positional dominance, ballistic strikes, leverage, strategies and tactics to control one, two or even three attackers. The system assumes multiple attackers, both armed and unarmed. A highly sophisticated Martial Arts system, Kuno Silat includes functional weapons training for real world self defense .

Check us out online www.kunosilat.com