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Levelup Reality

124 Church Street, 3rd Floor
Toronto ON
M5C 2G8

Phone: (833) 538-3587

Type of Business:
Virtual Reality

Coupon: 20% off any Virtual Reality Session

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LevelUp Reality

LevelUp Reality
If you are looking to experience Virtual Reality without having to purchase expensive, state-of-the-art technology, Levelup Reality offers you the VR experience of a lifetime.

Our semi-private and private virtual reality arcade takes you beyond the limits of reality and into a world where you can connect with others while engaging all of your senses.

Here are some of the many experiences you can get immersed in at Levelup Reality:
• Become a soldier: Duck behind cover, alternate between ballistic weapons, and fend off enemies.
• Survive a zombie apocalypse: Team up in multiplayer with friends, and protect each other from the incoming hordes.
• Explore the deep sea: Dive into the ocean and interact with exotic aquatic creatures.
• And many more genres such as adventure, action, escape rooms, short films, etc.

During your VR experience, you will have the opportunity of being transported out of this world not just visually but physically and emotionally as well. We offer a variety of genres including; adventure, shooters, action, horror, escape rooms, and short films and have hundreds of games to choose from! Play for 30 minutes or an hour, by yourself or with multiple players, your VR experience with us will be different every time you visit.