Masala Bhavan South Indian Cuisine – $32 for a weekend buffet for two

Masala Bhavan South Indian Cuisine

33A 4604 37th Street SW
Calgary, AB

T3E 3C9

Phone: (403) 460-4535

Type of Business:
South Indian Cuisine

Coupon: $32 for a weekend buffet for two

* Weekend buffet includes your choice of free Lassi or Chai drinks. Not applicable for special buffet. Not to be combined with any other offer or promotion.

Masala Bhavan

At Masala Bhavan South Indian Cuisine, our goal is to bring you the most authentic Indian food by recipes straight from the roots of south Indian villages. We call ourselves the “village” cuisine as our food similar to Indian villages is made with ingredients that are fresh from natural and organic ingredients from the ground. Our dishes contain no artificial pre-packaged ingredients, no food coloring and no MSG! Our motivation is to bring this delicacy to the world and at the same time, provide some favorite dishes to the locals as well. Masala Bhavan brings the “mess” food from southern India to the west.