Massage Warrior – One hour massage for $40

Massage Warrior

2600 East Nasa Parkway, Unit 102
Seabrook, TX

Phone: (713) 408-4911

Type of Business:
Massage Therapy

Coupon: One hour massage for $40

* Valid for new clients only. One coupon per person. Call to book appointment and mention coupon at time of booking or go online to schedule. Not to be combined with any other offer or promotion

Massage Warrior

Massage Warrior located in Seabrook, Texas has been a trusted source of effective body work and massage therapy for many years. Our certified massage therapists provide practical knowledge and helpful recommendations dispensed by a team of professionally trained and certified massage practitioners committed to offering long term relief for a range of physical and psychological ailments.

Whether it’s chronic stress, insomnia, anxiety or muscle tension, you just don’t feel like yourself. Deep down, you know that you are not here to struggle, feel uncomfortable or fatigued all the time. That’s why you’re here: somewhere along the way, you lost balance in your body and mind. You can’t seem to shut your mind off, take time for a deep breath, or get the clarity you need to make your health a top priority again. Because of this, your body is giving you some warning signs, whether that’s chronic muscle cramps, restricted range of motion, insomnia, fatigue, or back pain.

Instead of just trying to numb these warning signs so you can feel more comfortable in your struggle, you’re here because you’re ready to transform your life… and you know that you need to start with your physical and emotional health.

The good news is that, no matter how long you’ve felt ‘off’ for, you’ve come to the right place… and there are indeed powerful, all-natural solutions to restore your health and reclaim a life of purpose, balance, and joy.

For the past 4 years, owner, Jacob has helped hundreds of patients just like you — not just to put a ‘bandage’ on their symptoms, but to treat their symptoms on a deep, core level that produces lasting healing and change.

Rather than just helping you feel ‘a little better’, his mission is to treat all facets of who you are — physical, emotional, and spiritual — so that you not only experience rapid relief, but you also have a blueprint for balanced and healthy living that will serve you for the rest of your life.

We welcome clients of all ages and adjust massage therapy treatments according to an individual’s specific condition, physical limitations and personal needs. Our therapeutic massage therapy is provided in a safe, non-invasive and relaxing setting.