Maxheim Photography – 50% off 2 hours private tutorial to learn camera controls & composition of images

Maxheim Photography
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Photography lessons

50% off 2 hours private tutorial to learn camera controls & composition of images

* Regular price is $100. Call to book your private tutorial and mention coupon at time of booking. Not to be combined with any other offer

Maxheim Photography

Learn the parts and settings of your Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera with our private tutorial session!

You have an impressive camera that has the ability to give you stunning images but you leave it on the “auto” setting because you do not understand what all the different settings that will accomplish this for you. Get control of your camera instead of it controlling you. Learn manual photography with confidence and predictability. Leave “auto mode” behind!

This is your opportunity to learn from a “Certified Photographer,” in a one-to-one setting, the basic parts of your DSLR camera and how to manipulate them. Your private tutorial will teach you:
* Aperature
* Depth of Field
* Shutter
* White balance
* Exposure Modes
* Exposure Compensation
* Shooting RAW or JPEG
* Erasing & formatting your memory card
* Selecting the lens suited for your kind of photography
* Composition of your images that can turn your images from “Drab to Dynamic”

Comments made by former students

Thank you for an amazing crash course in photography, I feel so much more comfortable using my digital camera, I feel I can now use it to its full potential. “TWO THUMBS UP!!!”

“My instructor was amazing. I was taught me more in the 2 hour lesson than I had hoped for and they made it easy to understand. I would recommend this experience for anyone who wants to learn how to take a better picture or learn how to use their camera!”

“Very knowledgeable and communicate ideas extremely well. Time very well spent. “GREAT instruction!”