MNHC – $299.99 for 6 Infrared Laser treatments for fat loss

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Naturopathic and Medispa Clinic

$299.99 for 6 Infrared Laser treatments for fat loss

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At Markham Natural Health Centre (MNHC), we are a Naturopathic Medical Clinic located in the Greater Toronto area. Our doctors have over 17 years of clinical experience and offer a variety of services including: Naturopathic medicine, bioidentical hormone testing, laser fat reduction, laser hair removal, laser photofacial for pigment and wrinkle reduction, acupuncture, diet and nutritional counselling and detoxification. We also offer alternative therapies for cancer, multiple sclerosis, autism spectrum disorders and weight loss.

Laser fat reduction is a non-invasive procedure that helps to permanently eliminate excess fat in targeted areas. Wavelengths of laser light are emitted on or over the areas to be treated. The light penetrates the skin without harming the skin’s surface to target the fatty tissue below. The procedure itself is fairly quick with sessions taking as little as 15 minutes and involve no pain or downtime. As the body completes its healing process, the entire area is sculpted, with no loose skin left as a reminder of the fat that has been removed.