– Transfer and archive up to three video cassette tapes to DVD for $99
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Audio/Video transferring

Transfer and archive up to three video cassette tapes to DVD for $99

* Valid for Platinum Level Service that includes 2 DVDs per tape, one archive DVD and one premium DVD with the Custom Design DVD Binders. Offer valid for cassette tapes only. Offer not valid for reel-to-reel film or reel-to-reel audio. Not to be combined with any other offer or promotion. Email order to: and mention coupon at time of placing order. To view our Platinum Level Service, click here

In order to preserve your memories for generations to come, all Platinum Level Transfer orders include Museum Quality Archive Gold Series DVD. Archive Gold DVDs are designed to last for decades, their ultra hard protective layer makes them far more resistant to normal wear and tear that standard DVDs are not capable of. So no worries, MyDVDTransfer will help you preserve and future proof your precious family memories for generations to enjoy!

To learn more about our highly rated video tape restoration and transfer services, click here to view our VHS tape cleaning video.

Our services include:

* Video Cassette Tape Transfers (VHS, Hi8mm, miniDV, DVCAM, BETA & more)
* Audio Cassette Tapes & Vinyl Records
* Legacy Film Transfer & Restoration (Super 8 sound & silent, regular 8mm, 16mm)
* Photos & 35mm slides (Digital Picture Show)
* Video Editing & Archiving
* Video Cassette Cleaning & Film Cleaning

We can ship your finished product anywhere in North America. Let us take care of your precious memories and find out why companies like Angie’s List have labeled us as an “A” rated company.