NewLife Holistic – Initial Calibration Biofeedback Scan and 2 BioTherapy sessions for $99

NewLife Holistic

North America Wide – Sessions available in office or by phone
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Coupon: Initial Calibration Biofeedback Scan and 2 BioTherapy sessions for $99

Newlife Holistic

* Regular price is $335. Valid for new clients only. One coupon per person. Call or email to book your appointment and mention co0upon at time of booking. Not to be combined with any other offer or promotion.

Newlife Holistic
Newlife Holisitc uses todays most effective Holistic Therapies along with the most advanced technology to get the most incredible results when it comes to optimal health, anti-aging, vitality and a limitless brain!

Our initial Calibration Biofeedback Scan is the perfect starting point to get a person calibrated so they can move forward with their complete Full Body Scan and Biofeedback Sessions. In the initial scan we are looking for the major issues or “blocks” that create interference fields that can dilute the effectiveness of each Biofeedback session.

We focus on: Food sensitivities and allergies, Detox issues and the major Brain waves.

Once we clear these issues we are able to move forward with the full body scan and the Biofeedback sessions that use corrective frequencies to rebalance all stressors and imbalances and restore optimal health.

All BioFeedback Corrective FrequencySessions are available in our office or by phone. Call today for your free phone consultation!