Psychic Emily Halifax – 10% off Psychic Reading or 15% off Rootwork Services

Psychic Emily Halifax

Services available North America
wide and in person in Tulsa, OK

Phone: (918) 553-0001

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10% off Psychic Reading or 15% off Rootwork Services

* Valid for new clients only. One coupon per person. Readings available both in person and by phone. Call or email to schedule reading or rootwork and mention coupon at time of booking. For phone readings, rate is $4.99/minute and a minimum of 15 minute reading is required. Not to be combined with any other offer or promotion.

Psychic Emily Halifax

If you are looking for an accurate and honest reading, intuitive and rootworker Emily Halifax can help. Rated as the #1 psychic in Oklahoma, she can provide answers to your questions regarding relationships, family, career path, life path, finances and more. She will give you specific, colorful details that surround your situation and will relay the crucial messages directly from Spirit so that you can gain clarity on the answers you seek.

Rootwork (otherwise known as Hoodoo), is firmly grounded in a very practical approach to magic. Getting results is the most important thing, and most types of spells are based on very common every-day needs like: drawing money, love, protection or dealing with pestiferous people. There is room in Hoodoo for both blessing and cursing, for healing and causing sickness, and for drawing blessings as well as laying down curses. While it is common to hear mention of karma and adages like “harm none” in other magical systems, such ethical laws do not exist within Hoodoo. Rootworkers utilize many different techniques when performing Hoodoo spells which can include herbs, roots, oils and other folk magic to help you change your luck, claim blessings, attract love, obtain protection, help with positive outcomes and more. As a rootworker, Emily can help you attract what you want into your life and banish what you don’t want by correctly using candles, sachet powders and oils.