Reverse Aging Naturally – Infrared Sauna Session for $20

Reverse Aging Naturally

1786 North Highland Road
Pittsburgh, PA

Phone: (775) 233-4878

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Coupon: Infrared Sauna Session for $20

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Reverse Aging Naturally

Since 2000, Reverse Aging Naturally has been offering spa services needed to cleanse your body including; aromatherapy, negative ion filtered air, Medical Grade Infrared Saunas, ionized water, whole body vibration devices, spinal alignment machines, infrared massage equipment, foot reflexology zappers, as well as a superfoods pharmaceutical free health shop.

Our wellness spa is in a cozy holistically based environment. The spa’s sauna rooms are fully equipped with alkaline water, diffusers, books, games, DVDs, meditation CDs, crossword puzzles, computer tables and more. We also offer infrared hot stone massage beds, PEMF pulsed electro magnetic field devices, color, laser and photon therapy and a test on a Bio marker machine to target the best personalized oils for drinking and diffusing while in our zero waste cleanzing spa!