Rising Harmonics – Two Hour Healing Session for $169

Rising Harmonics

6425 Wadsworth Boulevard
Arvada, CO

Phone: (720) 515-4076

Type of Business:
Healing Therapy/Reiki

Two Hour Healing Session for $169

* Session includes consultation and some/all of the following: Reiki/Energy Work, Trinity Table, Altar of Light, Original Light Table. Valid for new clients only. One coupon per person. Call to book your session and mention coupon at time of booking. Not to be combined with any other offer or promotion.

Rising Harmonics

At Rising Harmonics located in Arvada, Colorado, owner Lea Renay is dedicated to helping individuals on their personal growth and self mastery path. Her unique healing art focuses on self-growth through combining one of a kind quantum technology, unique energy experiences and exotic crystals. Your healing session includes experiential chambers and Love’s Touch™ Hands-On energy modalities that enhance one’s self-awareness and journey within.

Trinity Table
The Trinity, is a unique tool that creates a celestial star gate opening to dimensional realms where each participant has an unique experience. The table rotates you counterclockwise at a gentle rate of 4 turns per minute. Many attain Alpha, Theta and even a Delta state, within minutes, allowing for a deep sense of relaxation, rejuvenation, emotional release and spiritual connection.

Altar of Light
The Altar of light immerses a person within an enhanced environment of Activated Light. The Altars top surface is clear tempered glass, inside the base are 6 Clear Quartz crystal spheres energized by several sequenced high intensity strobe lights, 4 Amethyst in each corner and an Amethyst plate at the head area, and over 33 pounds of rose quartz.

Original Light Table
In this chamber, the Original Light Table™ awaits your presence to facilitate balancing and activation of the energetic meridian systems.The chamber is complimented by calibrated sound tubes based on 25 years of medical research.