Russell Health & Wellness Center – Consultation, Examination, X-Rays and Review for Treatment for $19

Russell Health & Wellness Center

477 Spring Road
Elmhurst, IL

Phone: (630) 530-0506

Type of Business:
Health & Wellness

Consultation, Examination, X-Rays and Review for Treatment for $19

* Regular price is $260. X-Rays provided only if necessary. Valid for new clients only. One coupon per person. Click HERE to receive discount rate and to book your appointment. Not to be combined with any other offer or promotion.

Russell Health & Wellness

At Russell Health and Wellness Center located in Elmhurst, Illinois, our mission is to help as many people as possible enjoy the benefits of good health. Headed by owner and licensed chiropractor of 27 years, Dr Russell, our friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff provide a wide variety of services to help you get out of pain and get healthy no matter your age.

We provide services in; chiropractic, cold laser therapy, rehab, weight loss, X-rays/MRI’s/CT Scans and Orthotics.

If you are suffering from back or neck pain, allergies, disc problems, headaches or even fibromyalgia, our chiropractic services can help. Dr Russell is specially trained in chiropractic care which treats and protects the nervous system by relieving pressure off of the nerves. By doing this, you are allowing your body to function at its max potential by helping to alleviate pain in your body, not overreact to allergens, fight infections quicker as well as decrease the likelihood of contracting illness such as colds and flus. If you have pain as a result of a work place injury or car accident, our chiropractic services can help you get back to functioning normally so you can get back to everyday life. Regular chiropractic care can help keep your body healthy no matter what your ailment is.