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Firearm Safety Training

50% off the 16-hour Illinois Concealed Carry course

* Regular price is $300. Must register at and select course name “Illinois Concealed Carry I”. Not to be combined with any other offer or promotion.

Safer USA

Safer USA is Chicagoland’s most popular firearm training school with over 6,500 graduates from our various programs. We teach concealed carry for Illinois, Utah, Florida and Arizona as well as many other beginner and advanced courses. The principal instructor is prior military and a combat vet, 20 years experience as a county deputy sheriff, and 9 years as a professor successively Assistant Professor, Associate Professor & Department Head, and University Dean. He is an NRA Training Counselor, Chief Range Safety Officer, Law Enforcement Firearms Trainer, NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Regional Counselor, Illinois Firearms Instructor, Illinois Concealed Carry Instructor, Utah Concealed Carry Instructor and a tactical pistol instructor.


This two-day program meets the training requirements for Illinois Concealed Carry, and both Florida and Arizona non-resident concealed carry permits. If the student elects to take an additional, free 1 1/2 hour program at the end of class the first day, it will also meet the requirements for the Utah non-resident concealed carry permit. The permits are recognized in about 30 states. If you travel outside Illinois you will want to have one of these non-resident concealed carry permits. The SAFER USA Illinois Concealed Carry I program is the most comprehensive we’ve seen on use of lethal force for civilian self defense. It covers everything you need to know to protect you and your family with a concealed carry firearm or against a home invasion.

Topics include:
* All Illinois law including concealed carry act, use of force and transportation (Illinois, Interstate & airline)
* The State required 30 round course of fire proficiency test including use of firearm and ammunition
* Use of SIRT firearm simulators for classroom training
* The one grip that works for all handguns
* Mitigating criminal prosecution & civil liability
* Autonomic nervous system & high stress performance
* Home invasion and setting up a safe room in your home
* Marksmanship fundamentals for close quarter shooting
* Situational awareness & dealing with sociopathic behavior
* Evaluating ammunition caliber and bullet type for concealed carry & home invasion
* Pros & cons of revolvers, semi-auto pistols, carbines & shotguns
* Selecting a holster; drawing from concealed emphasizing firearm retention & close quarter engagement
* How to disarm an aggressor with a firearm and handle an aggressor with a knife

The course is taught by AM560 THE ANSWER On Target Radio hosts David Lombardo & Gretchen Fritz.

SAFER USA – Choosing to own a firearm is your business; teaching you to own it responsibly is ours.