Salvation Tattoo Lounge – 20% off Tattoos and Piercings

Salvation Tattoo Lounge
1132 Normandy Drive
Miami Beach, FL


(305) 318-4711

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20% off Tattoos and Piercings

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Salvation Tattoo Lounge

There are many tattoo shops in Miami, Florida, however at Salvation Tattoo Lounge we have set ourselves apart from the rest by providing a clean, hygienic and inviting atmosphere that attracts clientele with sophisticated tastes. Our tattoo artistry goes in-depth into the history of the artistic world of tattoos to afford you tattoos from many different genres. Our premier tattoo artists can provide you with tattoo designs that are gorgeous, affordable and one of a kind. We proudly offer the services of a professional permanent makeup artist in Fort Lauderdale, Florida too. When you require hygienic makeup services that will make your day easier, we can comply. We are one of the leading tattoo parlors in Miami that proudly offer services beyond extraordinary tattoo applications.