Sensation Therapy (Brossard) – Two smoking cessation therapy sessions for $199

Sensation Therapy (Brossard)
240-6400 Boulevard Taschereau
Brossard, QC

J4W 3J2

(450) 443-0300

Type of Business: Laser Therapy

Coupon: Two smoking cessation therapy sessions for $199
* Regular value is $249. Taxes are not included. Second session is a booster and may not be needed.

We help with the following through our fantastic laser therapies:

* Smoking Cessation
* Sleeping Disorders
* Stress and Depression
* Drug Addiction

Laser therapy is similar to that of acupuncture. The treatment to the soft laser acts on the nervous system by microphone vibration. The laser to diode stimulates using a pure energy applying different points of pressure to the body. This stimulation reinforces your will. These calmed points, instantly generates in you a balance in your physical and mental state. In cases where an individual wants to quit smoking, the natural production of endorphins must be revived. The laser plays this role in order to reduce the secondary effects while checking the craving of nicotine. Because it stimulates metabolism the increase of weight will also be mastered. The treatment is painless and even pleasant.