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Skogg Kettlebell Gym
North America Wide – online courses
2636 NW 26th Avenue, Suite 1
Portland, OR


(503) 546-9909

Type of Business:
Kettlebell and Functional Training Gym – Online classes

50% off one month membership

* Call to register and mention coupon at time of registration to receive discount. Valid for first time members only

Skogg Kettlebell Gym

Skogg Kettlebell Gym
Virtual SKOGG – 70 Streaming Workouts

Are you unable to get to SKOGG Kettlebell Gym? Whether you are in Portland, London, Hong Kong or anywhere in the world, Michael Skogg has the solution!

Now you can workout with Michael Skogg anywhere. Whether you are a weekend warrior, stay at home mom or a seasoned athlete, SKOGG Kettlebell has a workout solution for you. As a member of Virtual SKOGG, you can attend 70 different kettlebell classes from anywhere that has an internet connection. You will get to experience the SKOGG Method used every day by hundreds of people at our Portland, Oregon gym. You won’t need to leave the comforts of your own home, office, training room, gym or wherever you find yourself with a need to sweat.

At SKOGG, we’re known for our kettlebell expertise however our fitness scope is not limited to one tool in our tool box. We use many different functional applications and will introduce new equipment as we go. If a workout requires additional equipment, it will be labeled with the equipment needed. The progression of our training will give you a combination of strength, power and conditioning workouts developed by Michael Skogg. The workouts will gradually increase in intensity as your body transforms.

Join Skogg Kettlebell Gym online and work towards a stronger, leaner YOU!