The Balanced Body – First Computerized Bioenergetic Assessment for $99

The Balanced Body

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First Computerized Bioenergetic Assessment for $99

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The Balanced Body

At the Balanced Body located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, our certified practitioners offer Computerized Bioenergetic Feedback to bring you cutting edge alternative protocols in homeopathy and herbal remedies.

Computerized Bioenergetic Assessment (CBA) is a comprehensive computer based system for measuring the energies of the body. Over 13,600 tests will be performed in each session.

Benefits of the assessment:
* Receive information about each part of the body via the acupuncture meridians (including emotional health, all major glands, organs and biological systems).
* Identify areas of inflammation, degeneration or balance
* Identify energetic frequencies of toxins including but not limited to: bacteria, viruses, chemicals pesticides, candida, mold and metals that may be interfering with optimal function.
* Assess the level of emotional stress and the impact on wellness
* Assessment session pairs the issues identified with customized homeopathics, herbs, nutritional supplements and foods that are best suited for your specific biochemical makeup.
* The process is designed to unlock the body’s innate ability to heal itself and achieve optimal heal