The Players Golf Tour – 40% off any golf event entry

The Players Golf Tour
Various golf courses across Northern California
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Golf Tour

40% off any golf event entry

* Not valid with any other promotion or offer. Call to book spot on tour and mention coupon at time of booking to receive discount

The Players Golf Tour

The Player$ Golf Tour is a private invitational tour for zero (0) to twenty eight (28) handicap golfers, with a minimum of three (3) flights. Our tour is designed to emulate a professional style of play similar to the PGA, Senior PGA and LPGA. Our courses are set up to include 6 hard holes, 6 easy holes and 6 medium holes in difficulty, like the PGA tour.

The Player$ Golf Tour prides itself on being the “Littlest Big Money” golf tour. Our players earn big money when they cash. Check out website for an upcoming event nearest you. We offer events right across Northern California.