Toronto Beauty Clinic – 15 units of Botox for $99 OR Dermal Filler for $299 per syringe

Toronto Beauty Clinic

384 Yonge Street, Unit 76
Toronto, ON
M5G 2K2

Phone: (416) 398-0111

Type of Business:
Beauty Clinic

Coupon: 15 units of Botox for $99 OR

Dermal Filler for $299 per syringe

* Appointment required. Valid for new clients. Promotion price is only applied for the first visit. 24 hour cancellation or reschedule policy applies. Taxes not included. Not to be combined with any other offer or promotion.

Toronto Beauty Clinic

When you choose Toronto Beauty Clinic as your destination for all your cosmetic needs, you can be sure you’re in the trusted hands of our board certified physician and nurse. With a simple consultation, you will be informed of how many units of Botox and/or how many syringes of Filler is required for the optimal results. Consultations are free.

Disclaimer: Please use the below as a guideline and not intended to replace professional consultation.

Units of Botox by treatment area:

* Crow’s feet (per side) 5-15 units
* Smile lines (corner of mouth) 3-6 units
* Bunny/nasal lines 5-10 units
* Eyebrow lift 2-5 units
* Forehead lines 10-30 units
* Frown/glabellar lines 10-25 units

Dermal Filler Treatment Areas: (Areas that can loose volume with age – suitable to be treated with Dermal Fillers):

* Droopy Eyebrows
* Hollow Temples
* Creases between brows
* Hollowness under eyes
* Nose Bridge or Nose tip enhancement
* Loss of volume in cheeks
* Undefined Jawline (Jawline contouring)
* Lip Augmentation
* Laugh line correction
* Smoker line correction
* Smooth Marionette lines around mouth and chin
* Sagging mouth/lip corners
* Chin Wrinkles