UTCM Holistic Medicine Centre – 2 Hour Art of Acupuncture Treatment for $99

UTCM Holistic Medicine Centre

7922 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC
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Phone: (604) 565-7208

Type of Business:
Alternative Health Care

Coupon: 2 Hour Art of Acupuncture Treatment for $99

* Valid for new clients only. One coupon per person. Call to book your appointment and mention coupon at time of booking. Not to be combined with any other offer or promotion.

Healing Salt Cave

If you are suffering certain symptoms of not yet defined dis-ease or if you have tried many ways, but have not been able to achieve obvious healing effects, or if you are having stubborn, reoccurring and/or terminal illnesses, you can try the Art of Acupuncture. Before herbs emerge, ancient Chinese use acupuncture to treat a wide range of symptoms and diseases. The ancient needle techniques which can often produce instant healing results have long been lost, but few acupuncture masters found a way to revive them. Professor Li Rong-Gang is one of such a master, he has been accredited as one of the world’s greatest acupuncturists by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies. Established by Professor Li, our UTCM clinic is exceptionally strong in acupuncture, we can not only treat pain syndromes, but also many other symptoms or diseases of internal organs including skin, five senses and reproductive organs.

Art of Acupuncture Treatment includes the following:

The Resonance Magnetic Scan measures 35 categories, about 250 items including organ functions, sugars, fats, minerals, vitamins, hormone levels, bone and collagen densities, toxin build-ups, allergies, obesity, and so on.

* Initial Consultation
* Pulse, Tongue Readings and TCM Diagnosis
* Full-Body Health Test Scan
* Print or email of the simplified version of the report (about 2-5 pages).
* On-site showing the 250 items of the scan result, the practitioner will compare some of the figures with TCM diagnosis, explain the connections, answer questions, assess your health condition in a TCM point of view and come up with a treatment plan.

2. THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE (30m, $70 Value)

* Relaxation Massage
* Acupressure Deep Tissue Massage
* Hot Stone Massage (optional, may not be suitable to some people)

3. THE ART OF ACUPUNCTURE – Using Ancient Needle Techniques (60m, $200 Value)

* Entering needles using meridian activation techniques
* Manipulation of the needles using various ancient needle techniques
* Constant observation and inquiry about patient’s response to the needle manipulations
* Let patient rest for about 10-15 minutes
* Manipulation of the needles for another round
* Constant observation and inquiry about patient’s response to the needles
* Withdrawing needles using Qi reservation techniques
* Pulse Reading to assess the effectiveness of the acupuncture**
* Report to patient about the effectiveness of the treatment

**NOTE: We assess the effectiveness of our treatment through patient’s responses and comparison of pulse readings before and after the treatment.

Patient generally would get 1 to 3 levels of “De-Qi” (obtaining Qi) sensation. When someone gets the obtaining Qi sensation, modern MRI shows some changes of brain activity in the deep core. So, scientists have been speculating that “De-Qi” suggests certain healing effects of acupuncture. This may be the reason that the ancient people can use it to treat a variety of diseases.

The # 1 Scan and Consultation section generally takes about 40m instead of 30m. Including the time of filling forms and changing clothing, please give yourself 2.5 hours. Please note that parking on W. Broadway is before 3 pm and there is 2-hour parking available in the small streets near W. Broadway and Hemlock St. in Vancouver.

UTCM Holistic Medicine Centre was established by one of the world’s greatest acupuncturists, Professor Li Rong-Gang, accredited by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies. Our spa also includes Facial Rejuvenation with “Microdermabrasion” and “Cirrus Energy 900.” Our Therapeutic Treatments includes; Acupuncture, Natural Herbs, Deep Tissue Massage (Tuina), Qi-Gong and Personalized Kung Fu Treatments which is done by a champion martial artist who not only has medical training but also has been a coach for several Hollywood Stars.