White Rock Wellness Centre & Store – 20% Off Infra-Red sauna session or package

White Rock Wellness Centre & Store
The Whale Wall Building
1493 Johnston Road, Unit 101
White Rock, BC

V4B 3Z4

(604) 541-6110

Type of Business:
Holistic Health & Wellness

20% Off Infra-Red sauna session or package

White Rock Wellness Centre and Store

Welcome to the White Rock Wellness Centre & Store!

Great Vancouver’s Premium Holistic Health & Wellness Supplements, Natural Food and Lifestyle Company. For almost twenty years we’ve been assisting people all around the world like you to reach their health goals by helping them feel better, live longer and enjoy life! How can we help you?

“Working Together for Optimal Wellness”

Our tag line above says it all! Working together for optimal wellness is about a relationship between us at the White Rock Wellness Centre & Store and you! We believe that optimal health is a balanced integration of mind, body and spirit and those human beings have the innate power to heal themselves and to assist in the healing of others.

Our staff, who are health practitioners, work as part of a team with our customers so that we can provide the resources, research, education, knowledge, empowerment and support to help each individual towards a balanced path to true wellness.

At the White Rock Wellness Centre & Store we are dedicated to providing professional, safe, effective and innovative complementary and alternative wellness supplements, quality natural foods and lifestyle products. We are committed to exceed our customer’s expectations for professionalism, knowledge, service, excellence and premium quality wellness products and foods.

Through our integrated holistic approach to wellness, we have been assisting our customers in achieving their goals of health and well-being. Our staff practitioners, that are experienced over twenty years and accomplished within the field of complementary and alternative medicine healthcare, are committed to working as a team to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Our location, the White Rock Wellness Centre & Store is located in the landmark ‘Whale Wall’ building in the Uptown area of beautiful White Rock, British Columbia, Canada.
The White Rock Wellness Centre is currently one of the largest growing wellness centres in the Greater Metropolitan Vancouver area. It offers a multi-disciplinary approach in over 30 natural holistic healthcare services. For more information visit our website.

Visit the White Rock Wellness Centre & Store to feel your best … and when you are well, too! Medical Herbalist Jazz Mattu is always happy to answer your questions. “We believe in spending quality time with individual customers in order to serve their needs when it comes to holistic natural healing as well as preventive healthcare which are paramount to great health”.

The importance of tailoring the holistic approach to meet the individual’s needs is fundamental. Holistic medicine sees health as a positive state of well being and not simply the absence of disease. It emphasizes the promotion of health and the prevention of disease. Therapeutic modalities are then employed that mobilize the individual’s innate capacity for self healing. An individual’s role in their own healing process is emphasized with much responsibility being handed back to them.