Wise Medical Center – Liposuction only $895 per area

Wise Medical Center
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Alpharetta, GA


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Medical Center

Liposuction only $895 per area

* Does not include $750 Surgery-Technology Fee. Add any additional area for only $895 per area. For BMI greater than 25 add 20% to total price. For BMI greater than 30 add 30% to total price. Fat transfer, SSL and high definition procedures available for additional fees. Call to book your appointment and mention coupon at time of booking. Not valid with any other promotion or offer.

Wise Medical Center

W.I.S.E. Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery in Alpharetta, Georgia, offers body contouring procedures such as advanced laser, VASER, infrasonic, fat transfer, ultrasound and other liposuction techniques.

Traditional liposuction is rapidly becoming a procedure of the past. It uses general anesthesia and patients experience a lot of pain and downtime afterward. With the technologies we use there is no need to be put to sleep. At the W.I.S.E. Image enhancing center we offer laser lipolysis, VASER technology and the newest technique using 3rd generation infrasonic (vibration) technology. All have their advantages. We discuss all three during a complimentary consultation and make recommendations about which is best for you. These minimally invasive procedures actually remove fat. We don’t play games with tapes measures and create illusions of inches lost or otherwise try to mislead you.

Call us to book your consultation today and get the body you always wanted!